Drug-Aus (1982, Film)

The only surviving print of this curiosity resurfaced at a Munich car boot sale in 2010. For years Drug-Aus had survived through word of mouth alone. A psychedelic road move featuring unknown actors dressed as kangaroos and koalas, the films is essentially plotless.

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The Ancient Wisdom (2003, Book)

Newsreader Angela Rippon compiled ‘The Ancient Wisdom’ over the many years she fronted the BBC’s Nine O’Clock News.  Compiled from snippets that were edited from stories Rippon felt there was an overall wisdom to these out-takes that somehow belied the final broadcasted features. A limited edition volume met with some curiosity.

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Blowing in the Wind (2001, Song)

When Lionel Richie joined forces with his friend James Dyson, vacuum manufacturer, to record this version of Bob Dylan’s 60s classic neither of them could have predicted it would be a smash hit in Russia.  Sadly even when the song was re-released with the video they recorded in Moscow it failed to chart elsewhere.

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