A Cruel Headwind (1993, Film)

This little known action-adventure proved to be Scottish politician George Galloway’s one and only foray into cinema. Better known for his outspoken views on the Iraq war, Galloway and co-star Ali MacGraw (Love Story, 1970) re-enact the real-life tragedy of hitch-hikers Willy and Nelly Butler, who wandered off the beaten track while hiking in Northern […]

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Purley Way (1981, TV Series)

Mark Hamill’s Charlie Purley may have been a poor substitute for Robert Lindsay’s Wolfie Smith, the character Purley seemed created to ape, but this oddity from the early 80s still offers a few special moments from the golden age of TV. As his Hollywood career seemed stalled Hamill threw himself into a number of  TV roles: […]

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Santa Barbara (2001, Novel)

The first and to date only novel by actor Sean Bean, Santa Barbara is a contemporary retelling of the life of St Barbara, The Great Martyr, revered in the Eastern Orthodox church. Bean conceives of St Barbara as growing up in the modern city of Santa Barbara on the Californian coast and starting a band […]

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Curlew (1979, Sculpture)

Henry Moore’s ‘comic’ sculpture in bronze, a gift to his friend David Niven, only remained in situ at Watford Gap services on the M1 for three days before it was stolen and, presumably, melted down. Niven said at the time: ‘I thought Henry was bonkers leaving two tons of bronze in a car park. But […]

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