Life as it might be known

Kale (2014, Fad)

According to the Arizona-based Elysian Fields Foundation (EFF) ¬†Kale provides a natural cure for addiction. Incredibly, the UK government went so far as to prepare a programme of public information bulletins exhorting mass Kale production and the introduction of Kale stew in primary schools. Ongoing research concluded, however, that claims Kale can cure addiction are […]

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JFK’s Stomach (1962, Prank)

In the early years of his presidency an aid attempted to draw a picture of a cat on JFK’s stomach. The president was napping in the Oval Office and a plan was hatched to crawl in, lift his t-shirt and draw a cat in green Biro. The aid, however, was shot dead by an unnamed […]

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Croydon (1974, Capital City)

After the introduction of the three-day week Heath’s Conservative government feared civil unrest. Recently released cabinet papers show that plans had been made to switch the seat of national government to Croydon as a diversionary tactic. Heath himself had a piano installed in a basement room beneath the Whitgift Centre.

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Candy Packet (1971, Painting)

Reputed to be the last work by Pablo Picasso, Candy Packet has also been attributed to the master forger ‘Schulz’ of Vienna.¬† Picasso was shown the work shortly before his death and dismissed it crudely, without commenting on whether or not he had painted it. Schulz also dismissed the work, saying a dog could have […]

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Flap! (1981, Children’s Game)

Intended as a follow up to the hugely successful ‘Mousetrap‘ game, Flap! never got off the ground. Instead of trapping a mouse, Flap! involved luring a pigeon into a special basket with crumbs. The game of course lacked the popular-cultural niche Mousetrap was able to exploit thanks to Agatha Christie’s long-running play. There was a […]

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