Life as it might be known

Hilary Mental (1978, Punk Poet)

In the late 1970s author Hilary Mantel secretly returned from Botswana, where she had decided to live with her husband, geologist Gerald McEwan, to perform at the 100 Club with her friends Rat Scabies and Dave Vanian of the Damned. Scabies christened her ‘Mental’ after her fondness to dance naked in the audience after ‘bombing’ […]

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Stonehouse (2004, book)

Taking its lead from the life of  the troubled politician John Stonehouse, Stonehouse, a collection of psychoanalytic essays, explores how people’s names might affect their lives.  Only 100 copies of the volume were ever printed, and the authors themselves remained anonymous having taken pseudonyms that were thought connected to the subject of the essay. Hence West, […]

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Drug-Aus (1982, Film)

The only surviving print of this curiosity resurfaced at a Munich car boot sale in 2010. For years Drug-Aus had survived through word of mouth alone. A psychedelic road move featuring unknown actors dressed as kangaroos and koalas, the films is essentially plotless.

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The Ancient Wisdom (2003, Book)

Newsreader Angela Rippon compiled ‘The Ancient Wisdom’ over the many years she fronted the BBC’s Nine O’Clock News.  Compiled from snippets that were edited from stories Rippon felt there was an overall wisdom to these out-takes that somehow belied the final broadcasted features. A limited edition volume met with some curiosity.

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