Road Puss (1983, Public Information Film)

1983 was almost the year of the hover-car. Developed in secret by the British entrepreneur Clive Sinclair, the low flying aerial vehicle named ‘Road Puss’ was capable of travelling at 35 mph. Unfortunately Sinclair underestimated the effect of crosswinds and it failed final tests on the Forth Road bridge. The prototype was cast into oblivion by a nasty gust.

In a bid to keep pace with what Sinclair had assure the government would be a ‘revolution in public transport’, Margaret Thatcher commissioned several ‘Road Puss’ public information films, extolling the virtues of hover-cars and outlining safe hover-practice. ‘Travelling just a foot above the ground / many of us have found / it’s easy to get carried away / so remember to do things the Road-Puss way‘. Road Puss was depicted a small black cat who frequently got ‘carried away’.

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